how to know God


What if there were only one way to God?


Intolerant! Unfair! Close-minded! (Alright, alright, it's just a question.)

Let's just suppose for a moment that despite what anyone thinks about Jesus being the only way to God, what if it's, well, gulp...true?

Now, before you claim that this website is cramming intolerance down unsuspecting readers' throats, hear it out. How about taking a look at where this "one way" concept originated and what the originator of it really said.
What Jesus Christ did not say?


All other religions are a heap of garbage.

Many world religions have honorable codes that focus on human well being, love and peace. The good works sometimes associated with these religions are often a benefit to society at large. That is the purpose of religion. But religion isn't the issue. Jesus Christ was referring specifically to the idea of a relationship with the creator, God.


What Jesus Christ did say?


I am the way, the truth and the life.

No one can come to the father (God) except through me. (John 14:6)

All the great religious people of human history still stand as great religious people. Jesus wasn't condemning their acts of goodness. He was referring to right standing with God, a relationship, not a religious issue. In order to have a relationship with God, you must be introduced to him by Jesus Christ. Jesus invites people of all faiths and cultures into a relationship with God through him.


What if it's true? Then you have an incredible journey ahead of you. One that involves the ultimate relationship, God and you.

First step, REALIZE the separation that exists between God and mankind is due to sin (any action or thought that leads us away from God.) Romans 3:23*


Next, REPENT from sin. That simply means to make a 180 degree turn, from ignoring God to allowing him to give input into your life. Romans 6:23


RESPOND to the solution God had for this separation -Jesus Christ. God sent his son, Jesus to earth to pay for the sin-debt that mankind owed. You respond by telling God that you accept his solution. John 3:16


Now, RELATE to God through reading your Bible, talking to God in prayer and attending a church where you can meet with others that are seeking God like you.


What if it's not?


Then by all means, create your own religion. Because if Jesus Christ isn't the only way to God as he claimed, he would have to be a liar or a psycho. And if he was either of those, you have to throw out all of his teachings; the whole Bible for that matter. So, as you pick and choose your beliefs to create your own religion, you're going to have to leave Jesus out of it altogether. No "good teacher," no "Mr. Nice Guy," no "enlightened prophet." Just liar or lunatic.


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