Mark and Judy Carter








What Can I Expect When I Come

To Central Mesquite Assembly?



We love God: Sunday begins with our prayer team calling out to the Lord for anointing and blessing on the worship, teaching, messages, and fellowship opportunities of the day.


We are free: When you come to Central you may dress casually. We are more concerned with meeting your spiritual needs in life than in your outward appearance.


We are friendly: We strive to create a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. You will feel welcome without being singled out or embarrassed in any way. If you want to remain more anonymous your wishes will be honored.


We strive for relevance: Our goal is for each service to be a celebration of the Lord and our salvation. They are filled with the creativity of the Holy Spirit while meeting the relevant needs of your life.


We are worshipful: Our services begin with the musicians and worship team leading us into the presence of the Lord. Using piano, harp, guitars, key board, drums and other instruments, a blend of traditional hymns and spiritual songs invite the congregation to truly worship in spirit and in truth.


We are challenged: Our pastor continues to bring solid Biblical messages Sunday mornings and evenings that both inspire and challenge. Trained counselors are available to guide hurting and seeking hearts toward a close walk with God.

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